Still having my 15 minutes of fame: Ben Fong-Torres mentions me almost in the same breath with Grace Slick & other rockstars. Kewl!

Also, I don't know who listens to the radio on turkey day, but if you Bay Area folks happen to remember, while you're putting the finishing touches (we all know that means marshmallows, right?) on those yams, tune in to KQED 88.5 FM (or in Sacramento 89.3) to hear an interview with me on the show Pacific Time. It's at 6:30 pm & they air it again at 11 pm, which is maybe more realistic; you can listen while you're doing the dishes, or finishing off the champagne, or getting ready for bed, or whatever people do at the end of all that gluttony.

Speaking of gluttony, I've noticed that people seem to think I'm some kind of expert on Chinese food, or something. Like if I'm doing this project I must be a real connoisseur of the stuff. I hate to break it to you, but I'm really not... I can barely cook Chinese food & usually when I do it's a sort of Berkeley hippified version, thanks to having spent my formative cooking years as a vegetarian. I still don't eat pork. How can I possibly be a real Chinese food foodie if I don't eat pork? On the redeeming side, I do eat duck, but just cause you see em hacking that bird apart for me at the 99 Ranch deli counter, doesn't mean I can tell you the fine details of how they cooked it.

I do know that cream cheese in Chinese food is wrong, & I can rant about chop suey for days, with great vehemence. That's what this project is really about. (Well, okay, that's only partly true.)


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