Mars has even less to do with Chinese restaurants (I really don't think there are any up there) than Miffy, but hey, the truth is I'm thinking so dang much about Chinese restaurants in my offline time that it's just too much to blog about them... you'll just have to wait for my show at Mills if you want to know what I've been doing in the Chinese restaurant department. Anyway, about Mars, you should go look through a telescope. Tip: the lines are much shorter to look through the independent telescopes set up by assorted folks & the image is just about the same as through the big, official telescopes.

Is it possible to have too much Miffy stuff? I am not really in danger of having Miffy everything, but let's just say that I have a lot more Miffy stuff than your average grown-up. When Jan came to visit she asked, "Who is this little rabbit I see all over your house?"

Are there degrees of off-topic? The only thing Miffy has in common with Chinese restaurants is that I appear to be completely obsessed with both.

Now you know. Will you still send me menus?


Does it mean there's something wrong with me if I'd rather work on my website than go to the beach? Well, here's the thing: it's way foggy out. It's foggy even here, which means it's hella foggy at the beach. Also, I really want to update my website, & if I do it now maybe I can go to the beach on the next clear day when I might otherwise feel obligated to work on my website?!

Yes, this does mean that there will be a new & improved website soon, unless the fog burns off really, really fast....


I have to give credit where it's due: it was Donna's idea to google "chinese take-out" resulting in this insane goldmine of stuff. Did you know that February 21st is Chinese Takeout Day?! Who decides these things??!

Lest you think I really have no life, I did leave the house & do all sorts of things between that earlier post & these last two. You can't be a slave to these things. In fact, I am now going to eat lunch.

I am not, I repeat NOT going to wear these, but apparently someone thought it was a good idea. I just wouldn't be able to fall asleep, is all.

Eek!!! It's the meeting of my worlds! For those of you who don't know: I spent all of 1998 & 1999 deconstructing the evil gingham of my high school uniform... I thought I had finally left all that wretchedness behind but now look! I'm going to have nightmares about this.... it's just too terrible to even talk about anymore.


This is a certain kind of pleasure, a small & specific but deliciously satisfying pleasure, in finding that someone I really admire has their own website. I can now be an Aimee Bender completist because she has links to stories I haven't read before! I love the net, I really do.

Another pleasure this week, a bigger but perhaps more diffuse pleasure, kind of an open-ended pleasure, is the fact that I tested out my audio setup on a Chinese restaurant yesterday & it sounds *really good*! I mean you can hear the wok sizzling like it's right there! Wheeeeee!


Aha! Barry Popik has found that the crab rangoon has been around since 1958, & we can blame it on Trader Vic's (surprise). However, I notice that this description doesn't mention cream cheese. So who can we blame for that part of it?


I just keep acquiring more odd stuff for this project. What am I going to do with these things? I don't know.

In the meantime, I have finally solved my microphone issues, knock on wood! Microphones & necessary cables have been purchased! (I've realized that it's really all about cables; cables make the world go round. You can't do anything without the right cables. Think about it.) I can now proceed to record the world! It's a good thing the crit girls are coming over tomorrow night to help me focus....