This was a Hopper-esque scene we encountered last night: China Garden in Tunica, Mississippi. There was just one customer in there when we passed by late in the evening.

Now we're in Memphis, taking today to avail ourselves of all the big-city comforts we've been missing: a swim at the Y, wifi & veggie burgers in a cafe, then later we'll stock up on healthy groceries, organic fruit & such. People in the Mississippi Delta don't get to have that stuff. I phoned all over the place only to hear "the pool's down" or "the pool is closed for the season". Consequently I haven't been swimming since Natchez (over a week ago), so it felt really, really good to get in the water today!

Last night we dropped by the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas. I think in the whole crowd I only saw about 3 other Asians besides us. Among the food booths was a stand giving away little promotional samples of rice, & they had a woman walking around in front offering them to passers-by. When we came along she said to us, "I know you like rice!"


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