Hm. Having some problems uploading the nice photos I took of fried biscuits. I guess I'll just have to describe it. We have spent the past two days in the extremely hospitable embrace of the family who runs the oldest Chinese restaurant in Mississippi. Among other things, they let us in to the kitchen this morning to take pictures, record sound, & videotape.

You know those biscuits you get in a refrigerated tube & you twist it open & take out the biscuit dough in pre-divided, biscuit-sized lumps? Well, they were plopping these guys into the fryer! I said, I've never seen deepfried biscuits like that! The cook said, people *love* em!

I bet they do. They are very cute sitting on the buffet.

Anyway, internet access is a little touch & go around here, so if you don't hear from me for a couple days, that's why. I'll try my best.


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