I switched from my hand specialist (he of the electric gizmo) to a physical therapist, who diagnosed me with DeQuervain's syndrome, more glamorously known as Washerwoman's Sprain. I'll leave y'all to ponder that for a while until the next time I feel like typing. Don't hold your breath....



I was so tired yesterday afternoon that I actually fell asleep while listening to Sleater-Kinney's new album. Didn't realize that was possible, especially since I had it turned up decently loud. I guess music can create a space inside of itself like that, where you can curl up & go inside yourself too... kind of like how the neighbors' little black cat has hollowed out a sleeping hole in our daisy bush.


My horoscope recommends the dullest blog in the world as role model of the moment. How pleasing, then, that this blog was already starting to resemble it!

I had a very bad hand flare-up this week after I spent a day on the computer tying up loose ends for the Creative Work Fund grant. Doesn't diminish the enormous gratitude I still feel for all that fabulous support.

Now the self-sabbatical continues.... The sweet peas (red & white streaked heirloom "America", in case you want to know) continue to flower & have begun podding. My left hand has not complained about snipping the pods off in addition to harvesting blossoms. But I don't do it every day.

Galia melons!!!

Back to the ice. Will try to make next post duller.



Heads up, the Whole Foods in Berkeley has peonies at $10 for a bunch of 5! I would normally never plug Whole Paycheck like this, but peonies!


So. It's been a while. I'm trying to train myself to type w/o my right thumb, hitting the spacebar w/ my left thumb instead. I get more typos this way, I'll tell ya that much.

Continuing the walking campaign... people's gardens segue into summer. I love the smell of tomato leaves. I was thinking this could become a repetitive, seasonal-cyclical blog: Every May I write about Bing cherries (a Chinese American point of pride; thank you bro Bing!), Rainier cherries (like eating tiny nectarines) & the singing robin. Every June, the smell of tomato leaves.... It could loop around & around & be a life-long project. By the time I'm like 80 I'll have to be super-creative coming up w/ new ways to talk about the same stuff.

Just an idea. You know I've always had an unusually high tolerance for repetition.