The healing pelvis likes to sit around & watch movies. Lots of em. Recently rented The Story of the Weeping Camel & loved it, but you know what I just can’t get over? When the baby camel is born, it comes out with its humps all flat & folded over, like Tab A & Tab B. This is one of those obvious things that you just never think about (unless you regularly hang out with camels), I mean, of course they’re folded over, otherwise ouch for the mom camel, right? My brain just has not been able to let go of this insanely cute factoid ever since I saw the movie. It’s like camel origami. I even found some baby camel photos if you wanna see what I mean, but you should really see the movie, which, to tell the truth, has a whole lot more going for it than just the folded-over humps.

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We got some very robust “Musica” Romano bean seedlings from Kassenhoff Growers at the Temescal Farmers Market. Here’s what they looked like 11 days ago:

Here is what they looked like 8 days ago:

Here they are this morning:

I realize such stupendous growth is not news to some of you more experienced gardeners out there, but wow, for this polebean virgin it’s quite exciting. Especially since I’m really needing things that demonstrate visible & rapid progress.

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Hey, look at this cool DIY origami CD sleeve! If you’re a type geek control freak & need to specify your own font (I don’t know anybody like that, do you?), you can open up the pdf in some designy program & go wild. Add images! Print in color! Whatever!



Further adventures of the temporarily disabled: Donna found out that you can borrow a beach wheelchair at Crab Cove in Alameda & also at Crissy Field in San Francisco. These are wacky-looking, dune-buggy-evoking contraptions & they definitely grab a lot of attention from everyone on the beach, so if you’re feeling shy it might not be the best thing. Anyway, we have now tried both.

The one at Crab Cove worked out much better:

I’m pretty sure the one at Crissy Field is meant for a child; it’s really narrow & if we hadn’t brought our own cushion it wouldn’t have worked for me at all. It was also much harder for Donna to push than the one at Crab Cove. I think I was just too big & heavy for it. Fortunately, Crissy Field is liberally sprinkled with benches, so I ended up walking quite a lot (that’s a relative term), with frequent sitting breaks.

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