Look! Chinese Chuckwagon! Spotted in sleepy Sunday afternoon Pt. Reyes Station, when most other things were shut.

I was with my pal Plastic Lam, who bought a pork bun (baked, not steamed). I think she liked it.

Hey, have you noticed I’ve been on-topic three posts in a row now?!



If you’re like me, after you see godzillions of Chinese restaurants emblazoned with the Evil Chinky Font (or worse… wait, is there worse?), you develop kind of a morbid sense of humor about certain manifestations of racism. In this case, I really don’t know if it’s the Chinese restaurants… maybe I always would have, um, appreciated the kitsch value of Le Restaurant Chinois.



In my mid-August reverie, I was gonna post a photo of peach blackberry pie, but a different side of reality came up instead.

Looks like some Methodists in the area are doing their best to help the family. At the bottom of the article is a phone number you can call if you want to get involved.