Jack Woehr for Congress - Positions

Politicians hugging babies is so 20th century ... but here goes anyway!
The candidate with 3-1/2-month-old Chiara, daughter of the photographer Michelle Pesce.

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The most wonderful thing that has happened to me in politics is this:

I stormed into political activism some years ago with a head full of my own ideas. Then I started campaigning, and found myself speaking to hundreds of individuals I had never met before, each of whom had their own ideas, aspirations, dreams, sorrows and issues. It was serious "get over yourself" time for me. What a growth experience!

So nowadays I take positions in light of what I know up until now. But I'm still learning, so things can change.

Here are some positions. I am slowly filling in this web page in as I write out each position in a way that is clear and frank. If you're in a hurry to hear about a particular issues, [ ] about your concerns.

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