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There are perhaps ten million (10,000,000) Mexican migrants and
immigrants without proper papers currently residing in the United
States. Some American officials have proposed that it would be best to
seal the border and deport those currently here.

Such a proposal is an unworkable idea. Passing quickly by the concept
of the sealed border in our nation of thousands of miles of seacoast,
let us examine the idea of deportation for current residents.

If the United States were to send home ten thousand (10,000)
immigrants a month, they all would be gone in no less than
eighty-three (83) years.

Perhaps we should up the number deported per month. Shall we say one
hundred thousand (100,000) per month? But how would we do this? Erect
relocations camps? Have trains hauling cars packed with the poorest of
North American humanity?

There are several names for this sort of thing. In the press, it's
called "ethnic cleansing". In international law, it's called "mass
deportation of civilian population", a crime justiciable by the
International Court of Justice in the Hague.

Far better to do as Pres. Bush has suggested, or as Mr. Kerry has
indicated he favors via alternate proposals: to regularize the status
of Mexican immigrants.  In other words, give them social security
cards, let them pay taxes, draw benefits, and be observable under the
law via the web of information which it is possible to maintain
regarding law-abiding citizens.

Libertarians support human freedom. If elected to Congress, I will
support whichover the best of the proposals to normalize the status of
the Mexican immigrants. America is big enough and strong enough!

Candidate Woehr criticizes major Denver dailies for excluding 3rd party candidates

Oct. 14 -- Congressional candidate Jack. J. Woehr (Libertarian, Colorado 6th USHD) today
criticized the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News for excluding third-party candidates
from their profile coverage of U.S. congressional races this fall.

"They put us in the voter's guide, which is nice, but in the focus articles on the individual races,
our names and parties are not even mentioned," Woehr pointed out. "Not naming us transforms
those articles into advocacy journalism."

Mr. Woehr was actually interviewed for the News profile which ended up ignoring his candidacy.
"I spoke to reporter Gabrielle Crist and asked what happened," Woehr recounts. "She told me that
articles on the congressional districts were trimmed upon reaching the editorial desk. When the same
thing happend in the article on the 7th congressional district, I called that reporter, Hector
Aguilar, and he confirmed what Ms. Crist had told me, that an editorial decision to exclude
third-party candidates had been made."

Libertarian Party state chair Norm Olsen, himself a candidate in the 2nd congressional district,
confirmed by phone that the Post had the same editorial policy.

"The Post and News are doing the voters a disservice, especially in my race," claims Woehr.
"In the 6th District, both the Democrat and the Republican have pledged to support renewal
of the USA-PATRIOT act. I am the only candidate in that race pledged to vote against renewal
when it comes up in 2005 before Congress. There's probably tens of thousands of protest votes
against USA-PATRIOT in my district, and I'm the only name on the ballot that will let those
voters express their preference."

Woehr also favors an end to the programs and policies of the War on Drugs, and supports
normalization of the status of Mexican guest workers. He has been on the ballot twice
before, once in 1994 in the Democratic primary for the 6th congressional district, and
again in 1998 as the Democratic candidate for House District 62 of the Colorado Assembly.

Due to measures adopted over the past four years by the Colorado Assembly, it has become
easier for third-party candidates to qualify for the ballot. Libertarians, for instance are fielding
candidates in many state and county races. A full list of Libertarian candidates in Colorado
is posted at http://www.lpcocandidates.org/

Though in the past he has conducted more conventional campaigns, Woehr this time around
is taking and spending no money at all. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if in this day and age,
a citizen could go to Congress without taking any money from anyone?" Woehr asks.

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