Jack Woehr for Colorado House District 25 in 2008

P.O. Box 51, Golden Colorado 80402-0051

2008 election is over.

Thanks for voting for change, however you voted.

Congratulations to Barack Obama!
Thanks for your service Sen. McCain!
Congratulations Cherie Gerou!
Nice race, Andrew Scripter!

I'll be b-a-a-a-c-k! :)


Welcome to my very simple campaign page, edited mostly in HTML.

You might also want to read my YourHub blog, if you accept that what candidates for public office do can reasonably be called thinking. :-)
Jack Woehr at 2008 Colorado Libertarian Convention
Picture by Wes Long

Some Links of Interest

Here He Goes Again

Jack J. Woehr, well on his way to becoming the Harold Stassen of Jefferson County, announces his fifth (5th) run for public office since 1994. This time Colorado House District 25 is the goal. As has become usual in his campaigns. Mr. Woehr is accepting no money, no campaign contributions at all.

Why Am I Running for Office?

Well, obviously because I lack common sense. Aside from that,  I'm a father and grandfather and wish my community well.

I'm prepared for policy and issues. Our family turned off the TV in 1979. We read and think for entertainment instead of zoning out. It's amazing how many books on history, society and the human condition you can read if there's no television on! Jefferson County elected officials have privately consulted me on public policy (and occasionally insulted me :-)) for the past 16 years.

On the other hand, I'm an exceptionally inept politician. Slow memory for names, inability to express thoughts without accidentally insulting someone somewhere, occasionally overbearing and strident in my personal beliefs. Just a jerk mad enough at the professional pols to jump into the ring with them but not quite smart enough to pin the so-and-so's to the mat..

So I don't take your money. Keep it, watch me tilt at windmills without spending much of anything. Maybe I'll print cards. Maybe I won't. Did I mention that I'm also lazy? You already guessed from the photograph above.

Representative Government is on the Ropes

The choice Americans are making this year in every election in which they vote is, "Will Americans continue to enjoy liberty, or will America become an authoritarian police state?" Representative government is on the ropes. Despite our national mythology, America is no longer a Jeffersonian agrarian democracy looking West to the frontier. Instead, America is today the mightiest empire in the history of the world.

Empire is hard on democracy. Many decisions have to be made, and made faster than a legislature can move. So as Empire progresses, more and more power goes to the executive.

The Bill of Rights has been illegally (without constitutional amendment) suspended by the Democrats and Republicans. Currently, unconstitutional laws passed by a bipartisan coalition of Democrats and Republicans allow the government to imprison any citizen without charges, hold them incommunicado, try them on secret charges with secret evidence obtained by torture, without allowing them a lawyer. This is a crime against the laws and constitution of the United States and a crime against the Laws of Nations.

The system is broken. Really and truly broken. Want to help me try fix it, starting in Colorado?


Don't throw away your vote on a Democrat or a Republican! They will do nothing to stop the slide to a police state.
Instead, vote for Libertarian Jack Woehr who


I'm blogging my thoughts here.

Vote for Jack Woehr for Colorado House District 25!

Jack Woehr's five (5) runs (walks?) for office: