Jax Visits Homewood Music

Text and images are Copyright © 2005, Jack J. Woehr

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Homewood MusicSt. Patrick's Day, 2005 found me southbound on U.S. Interstate Highway 65 near Birmingham, Alabama, so I stopped in to visit with Bob Tedrow at Homewood Musical Instrument Company.

Bob is becoming pre-eminent in America as a concertina maker. He and I have been chatting about concertinas for years, so I was eager to meet him! Unfortunately I didn't bring along a good digital camera, but my wife, noted Colorado potter Sumi von Dassow, did have her cellphone with her. Click on any of these pictures to see them larger.
Front Window at Homewood Music
This is the front window at Homewood Music.

They focus on acoustic instruments.

There are luthiers in house as well as Bob pumping out the concertinas.

Inside Homewood MusicHere we are inside Homewood music.

This front room has fiddles (really nice ones!) and guitars.

The cute doorway leads to the workshop where fiddles and concertinas are repaired and built.

Bob Tedrow at Homewood MusicHere's Bob Tedrow at his workbench.

Bob describes his work building quality instruments as primarily a labor of love.

He tells me he probably couldn't keep it up if he depended entirely on manufacture for a livelihood.

Bob and Jax jamming at Homewood MusicHere Bob and I are jamming.

I'm playing the Hayden Duet that Bob built.

Bob and Jax jamming at Homewood MusicWhat a sweet instrument, just the right weight and size and ease of play!

I'm saving up to buy one for myself.

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