John Steven Calder

Accomplishments, Social Participation and Interests

Member - Golden Gate Breakfast Club - 2004

"The nicest people in the world, meeting each week for breakfast, friendship and enlightenment"
San Francisco professionals Breakfast Club that Meets every Wednesday at 7am. With Breakfast we also have a guest speaker. The membership represents the cross-section of businesses and professions working in San Francisco. The Club continues to fulfill its original objective of creating and fostering good fellowship. The Members enjoy gathering together each week to swap stories and laugh, especially in times when the world is so serious, otherwise.

Political Consultant - Various Candidates - 2004

I am working with a variety of School Board and Supervisor Candidates for the November 2004 Elections. Focusing on Education issues, web site design and development and authoring policy statements.

Co-Host/Moderator and President - Asian American Political Coalition - 2004

Co-Host and Sponsor of local Political Action Committee. I host local candidates every Friday for neighborhood Meet and Greets. ( see current events)

Member - E Clampus Vitus - 1886

Member of Yerba Buena #1 Chapter of E Clampus Vitus. Cannot Remember how long I have been a member, nor would I admit it if I knew.

Founder - Sons of Molly Maguire- United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco - 2003

Founding member of "the Sons of Molly Maguire", one of the Member organizations of San Francisco's largest Irish Political Clubs.

Juror - Civil Grand Jury- San Francisco Superior Court - 2003-2004

I was nominated and I accepted the a position on the San Francisco Superior Court Civil Grand Jury. This secret watchdog Grand Jury investigates all San Francisco agencies and officers. Web site and Reports.

Model - San Francisco Bay to Breakers - 2002

My family and I were selected to be the poster family for the famous "Bay to Breakers" footrace in San Francisco. Over 350 of these posters were placed through out the City. (see poster PDF file)

Co-Founder - Seamus Gorilla Project - 1998

Inspired by my son Seamus, my family and I donate hundreds of stuffed Gorilla's to multiple San Francisco Pediatric Care wards. We continue this holiday tradition to this day.

Project Manager - Emperor Norton Plaza Project - 2001 to present

I am building a statue of Emperor Norton in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood. This includes all aspects of the local and city politics, Art's Commission and all fund raising. Currently preparing to raise $500,000 in private funds for the project construction. Very active with the Arts Commission, Board of Supervisors and a variety of public offices.

Active Member - South End Rowing Club (San Francisco oldest public athletic club)

Active member and Board member of the Cities oldest athletic club. Active in handball, open water swimming, running and open water rowing.

Alumni Member - San Francisco Rugby Club (Division 1 Rugby Football Club)

Played for 17 seasons and finally retired from active play in 1999.

Entrepreneur of the Year- 1988 - San Francisco Focus Magazine (public broadcasting magazine)

Titled the 'Bad Boy of Silicon Alley", I was profiled in Focus Magazine for my successes in the economically challenged Hunter Point neighborhood in San Francisco's Bayview District. This followed by multiple Television and printed articles profiling my company's minority hiring and training programs.

Publisher - Hydraulic Press 1986 - (Poetry Book Publisher)

Started a small publishing company, using emerging desktop publishing systems, to enable local poets and writers to 'self publish' using these technologies. Published 30 books and lost a lot of money!

Publisher - US RAG 1986-1987 - (Comedy magazine Publisher)

Started a comedy magazine based upon the popularity of local comedy clubs. Capitalizing on the infrastructure of Hydraulic Press. Published eight issues and lost even more money!