John Steven Calder

Political Consulting

Political Consultant - Various Candidates

I am currently working with a variety of School Board and Supervisor Candidates for the November 2004 Elections. Focusing on Education issues, web site design and development and authoring policy statements. - Web site design and update - Web site design and update and discussing policy statements. - Web site for up and coming candidate

Co-Host/Moderator and President - Asian American Political Coalition 2004

Co-Host and Sponsor of local Political Action Committee. I host local candidates every Friday for neighborhood Meet and Greets. ( see current events)

Founder - Sons of Molly Maguire- United Irish Cultural Center of San Francisco 2003

Founding member of "the Sons of Molly Maguire", one of the Member organizations of San Francisco's largest Irish Political Clubs.

Juror - Civil Grand Jury- San Francisco Superior Court 2003-2004

I was nominated and I accepted the a position on the San Francisco Superior Court Civil Grand Jury. This secret watchdog Grand Jury investigates all San Francisco agencies and officers. Web site and Reports.