Table of Contents

 Part I

Palm Springs (California)


Getting Ready for the Journey              

Palm Springs                                                                         

“Each day there is danger, yet you live to be a hundred years!“           

Aruna and Venkat Arrive                                                       

Mystical Experiences                                                                           

The Body will Take Care of Itself                                        

               “God is in the Vagina” – Sri Ramakrishna                           

Strange Business Transactions                                             

The Guhas                                                                                          

“He is my Enemy No.1”                                                              

“You must all be reduced to the level of animals...”                                              

Karma Cards                                                                                       


Claire and Larry                                                                   

Mahesh Leaves...                                                                               

Lakshmi and Guha                                                             

Conflict between Moorty and UG                                                        

Aruna, a Hard-working Girl                                                               

Money due to Mahesh                                                                         

Lisa’s Stay in the House                                                                      

“Came down quickly!”                                                         

Air Museum and War Heroes                                               

Larry and Susan                                                                 

Aruna’s Departure                                                              

Paul Lynn and Family                                                           

Palm Springs on New Years’ Eve                                         

Lakshmi and Guha (continued)                                           

Moorty Walks Out                                                            

Indian Canyon                                                                     

Working at a Job                                                                              

My Writing                                                                        

Why Did Moorty Get Mad at UG?                                     


Scotty’s E-mail                                                                   

99-Cent Market                                                                                

At Paru's                                                                              

Clinton’s Son                                                                                   

The Future of America                                                       

Pleasure Seeking and the Continuity of the ‘I’                                      

Clean-Up Time                                                                                 

Moorty Phones                                                                                   

A Near-Miss                                                                                      

Punit and Family                                                                              

Trip to Las Vegas                                                                              

What’s There to be Proud of?                                               

‘Public Enemy No. 1’                                                           

Fair in Palm Springs                                                           

Photos for My Book                                                                            

UG’s Kuja Stage                                                                  

Lisa’s Gift for Mario                                                           

Last Day in Palm Springs                                                    

Julie’s Diary                                                                                      

En Route to Seaside                                                           


With Aruna and Venkat                                                                      

Livermore Temple                                                                             

Chinatown in San Francisco                                                 

John Allen                                                                           

Telugu Language and Telugu People                                                                                     

UG’s Friends                                                                     

Chalam’s Sudha                                                                                

Chalam’s and Dhurjati’s Writing Styles                                             

Eddy’s Prank                                                                      

Tranquility of Mind                                                                          

The Struggle                                                                                     

Return Trip                                                                       

After Getting Back to the Nest                                                                                         



Part II

Gstaad (Switzerland)


Switzerland - July 1999                                                         

In Switzerland with UG                                                     

               Paul Sempé                                                                        

Gstaad - Ludi Haus                                             



John Piatras                                                                       


Swiss Independence Day                                                     

Lisa and Mario                                                                   


Leboyer at Dinner                                                              



Hymn to Annapurna                                                          

Auto-writing – Rajyalakshmi’s Story                                   

UG Website                                                                      

UG’s Consoling People                                                      

Zurich – Hotel Hilton                                                       

About Krim Again                                             

UG’s Euphoria – Internet Links                          

UG and Julie                                                                     

Gottfried and Bodil                                                                          

Lisa and Mario - II                                                              

Sabyasachi Guha’s Life                                                       

About Volker – My meeting with him                 

Guha’s Life - II                                                                   

UG’s Initial Meetings with Others                                      

Bharati’s Predictions – My Guru Daśa                                

Julie’s Punishment (Training)                                              

            Trip to Neuchatel and La Chaux-de-Fonds                          


Francis – II                                                                        

UG’s Field of Attraction                                                                   

Rukmini Arundale                                                             

“You are talking even when you’re silent....”                        

Mr. Raju, the Astrologer                                                                   

Raju with UG – UG’s Past life                                           

Mrs. Saraswati and Mr. Raju                                               

Programming the Body                                                       

UG Talks About...