Editor's Note

The wide interest in Chandrasekhar�s first book, Stopped in Our Tracks has prompted me to ask him to select some more pieces for a second book. He complied with my request and sent me six of his notebooks from past years with selections for translation. I have arranged them in chronological order (starting from 1983). The reader should bear in mind, however, that some of the pieces may actually recall incidents from an earlier time or UG�s earlier life.

In this book, you will find not only anecdotes about UG as Chandrasekhar witnessed them or heard about them (mostly from UG himself), but also Chandrasekhar�s comments and reflections. The comments and reflections reveal Chandrasekhar�s struggle to grasp and apply what UG says to his own life. We learn about his admiration for UG, his frustrations with him, his anger, remorse, his sadness and above all, his devotion to and worship of UG.� Chandrasekhar�s struggles with UG�s teachings should strike a familiar note to anyone who has tried to understand UG. They are our struggles as well.

I thank Wendy Moorty for her diligent help in editing the text.


Narayana Moorty

Monterey, California

February 2007

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