Stopped in Our Tracks – Second Series

Table of Contents


Part 1



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1. Truth is a moving target...

     "I wish I could give you a feel of this..."; Fixing one's mind in meditation...; UG's Appearance; Brahmacharya

2. “This is like a computer machine...”

Nothing will remain at the end...”; Asanas; Walking around naked...; "What does UG say?..."

3. On Education...  

4. Spiritual Experiences....

  Powers; "Here and Now"; "The goal creates its opposite..."; Peace of Mind; First you master the art of sleeping while waking..."; Energy movements...; "Peanuts activate sex glands..."; "Being reborn as a cockroach is better..."

5. With UG in Singapore.... 

   "Poor Indian...."; Singapore Chat; The Movie Star Sridevi with UG Poor Indian..."; Singapore Chat; The movie star Sridevi with UG

6. “The body has no death...”          Exorcising spirits...

7. A Short Dialogue with UG...

     He cancelled his trip...; Some incidents...; More incidents...;

8. Some Interesting Things I Noticed in the Kathopanishad

9. UG and the Upanishads

10. Swami Poornanadagiri

    UG's Room; Making up...

11. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and UG

      C. Rajagopalachari's Comment; 'Go away!'


Part 2


12. “If you don’t think...?”   

      UG's friends -- snakes and cobra

13. I am myself a thief...

       "Steal, but don't get caught..."; "The burglars should have taken everything...."

14. “You said no one will come this far....”

15. “No better medicine than spit to heal a wound...”

16. “Is it wrong to carry on in my tradition?” -- Vedam Satyanarayana

17. Fifty percent of the time...

18. Satyanarayana’s dream...

      "How could UG's birth be ordinary?"; Searching for supernatural truths with his inner eye -- Satyanarayana

19. Interpreting UG’s horoscope -- Satyanarayana

20. “UG is a Volcano ready to erupt....” – Mahesh Bhatt

      Mahesh conveys UG's message21. Non-existent Problem....

22. Dr. Sudarshan

23. Facing Yama, the god of Death

24. Is Sadhana helpful?

      Worrying about results...

25. Swami Vidyanarayana Tirtha

26. Knowledge needs separation...

      He won't even forget a bunch of coriander...; "Go to your president and beg him..."; Gangayya; "You want me help you die?" "Humans           should reduce themselves to the level of animals...''; "Your relationship with your money says it all..."


 Figure 1: Brahmachari, Chandrasekhar, UG and Narayana Moorty



Part 3



27. "You Have Come to the Wrong Man...."

28. The Story of Sharmila      

      Sharmila - ii; Sharmila - iii

29. “My photo is more powerful than me...”

30. An Attempt to Strangle UG – Aparajita

31. “I met a man...”

32. A One-Night Stand…     

      Tim's Telephone

33. Bharati’s New Year’s Greetings

34. Mahesh: “Let my mother go…”  

      "You are fighting with yourself...."

35. The Story of Shekhawat

      "I don’t give any importance to my opinions...."

36. The trouble the Delhi lady went through to meet UG....  

37. The Idiappam Story

38. The Way of UG’s Health

      UG -- an inspiration for an American Reiki Guru

39. Political Climate

       UG in YNK’s Office; "Get along or get lost.…"

40. Political Outrage

      Political Outrage – ii

41. UG’s Ways

42. “If you understand what I am saying at all, you wouldn’t look at my face...”

43. Looking for Causes...

44. “Release means total destruction...”

      “Why do you need a philosophy to live?”; "It’s a game for the cat...."



Part 4



45. A Burglary

46. The consciousness of 'I' is implanted deeply....

47. A Memento for the Barber

48. “What is your relationship to these things?”

49. “Why do you worry?”

50. “I know what happiness is not....”

51. “Do you think that there is any ultimate meaning, my son?”

52. Essential UG

53. Spirits and Satyanarayana

54. The Documentary Produced by BBC

55. Baba-ii

56. “What do you want?”

57. My mind is agitated...

      "Mahesh should have no mission at all..."; Tips for filmmaking....

58. What can I do as an individual?

59. UG’s words from What am I Saying?

60. Thinking that “I am…”

61. Path of Righteousness

     "Dog is God..."

62. Items from UG’s Childhood

63. “You can never know that peace...”

64. Farm House Discussion

65. Valentine’s Relatives

66. A Prayer to UG


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