By Paul Sempé


[Editor's Note:  Paul Sempé was a dear friend of mine as well of UG. 
He was a retired tugboat captain in Marsailles and was for sometime
ardent follower of Gandhian way of thought.  He used to attend
J. Krishnamurti's talks in Saanen, Switzerland for a number of years
before he met U.G.  He had a keen interest in Philosophy as well as in
the Sciences.

Every summer, he came all the way from Marseilles to Gstaad to spend
time with him and drive him and his friends around. I first met him in
1986 at the Berne railway station where he and UG came to receive me
and my daughter, Shyamala.  That year and on several other occasions
I had many interesting discussions with him and we became close friends.
The last I saw him was a little before the year 2000.  Soon after that, he met
with an accident in the Bergerie near Marseilles where he used live like a
hermit in rather primitive conditions.  He was found dead washed away by a
flowing river.  His big smile, friendly manner and intelligent philosophical
discussions are memorable. 

He sent this article to me some time before he passed away and it has been
shelved until recently when I discovered it while I was going through my
papers.  I thought it would be of interest not only to those who knew him,
but also to UG readers in general.  The article is written from a Philosophical
and Scientific points of view.  It has been lightly edited.  And as far as I know,
it has never been previously published.

                                                                             Narayana Moorty]