Delectable Sir,
Today I am filled with joy, because after hearing you over the phone, 
I was willingly pushed to put on paper thirty quatrains (16th of October, 2000).

27. Days Without You

1) O, U.G.! You gave me heart and made it to throb,
You made me a wire and livened it with your current,
I am the patient and you do the job!
As you are an unparalleled surgeon, Heaven-sent!

2) You entered my arid life and filled it with bliss.
Why you chose the lucky me and made my life a hit?
With you in my heart nothing seems amiss,
I will allow my life to run as per your writ.

3) O, U.G., What justice can words do to describe you?
How can the medium describe the Divine Muse?
I fervently pray that the picture I drew is true,
You give me the fortitude to grasp your clues!

4) With a pure heart I implore you to tell,
Why desires persist despite all the effort and toil,
Because these ills are making our lives a Hell,
Bless me to break the chains before I leave this coil!

5) I feel affectionate towards you, I am shy to say.
Days without you are dreary and dry.
To overcome it all I chose this lyrical play,
It has made my life worth a joyous cry!

6) My life loses its moorings when you are not there,
I sit still, slowly getting into this worldly mire,
Till you come and take charge with your tender care,
And forcefully pull me out of straights so dire!

7) Make me fit to absorb the essence
Of your teachings beyond all science,
The life I led will be in the past tense,
As I eagerly quaff your spirit and wines!