Compassionate Sir,
These poems describe a few of the members of the:

38. Goners' Club -- II

1) U.G. as we all know is the very head,
To be a member you've got loads to shed,
Under the founder's hammer blows many have bled,
Yet we continue to follow in his sacred tread!

2) Chandrasekhar Babu is at heart a lovely poet,
A gentle person, prefers to remain quiet,
An ardent devotee, takes only a Spartan diet,
A symbol of calmness amidst chaos and riot!

3) Mahesh Bhatt, for U.G. he always ailed,
A top movie director, by U.G. he was styled,
A creator of scenes, close to U.G. yet remains mild,
Himself a charmer, by U.G. beguiled!

4) Narayana Moorty, a Professor in States,
Philosophy he teaches, one of the greats,
He is the editor of U.G.'s books which he carefully rates,
On paper and computer, U.G. he lovingly portrays!

5) Bob is once-upon a preacher,
Warmly accepted U.G. as his ultimate teacher,
Humility is his unfailing feature,
Happily hums to the rhythm of Nature!

6) The Major Sistla, my Uncle, is a firebrand at its very best,
Dakshina Murthy is his name, but his voice has little rest,
He successfully passed U.G.'s every test,
He is the chauffeur royale on U.G.'s travel fest!

7) A doctor trying to sketch U.G.'s portrait,
Shortening the travel by a path dead straight,
Desperately clasping his feet to balance my gait,
U.G.'s the Cosmic Shark, and I am the willing bait!

8) There are other stalwarts in U.G.'s cabin crew,
Wedded to his concepts through and through,
In tradition and dogma we lived and grew,
Until U.G. clarified most of it is not true!