Irrepressible Sir,

In the following verses, I have made an attempt to portray the famous:

20. Goners' Club - I

1) The Master's Court has a few regular members,
The rest go on to make up the numbers,
They are the ones who woke up from their slumbers,
They clean their inner workings like incessant plumbers!

2) We are the members of his "Goners' Club,"
He remains the head and its creative hub,
At different times its members had a bitter snub,
We wish never to return to this miserable blurb!

3) A goner is one beyond redemption,
The creative cycle's sole exemption,
No more dish for Karma's consumption,
What I state is no mere assumption!

4) A poetic financier is an important member,
My Uncle, Major Sistla, provides the thunder,
A movie director, the one to remember,
I, set asunder by its very founder!

5) An immigrant professor is the one to cherish,
A few foreigners he does nourish,
The rest become in every way rich,
Never to come back we joyously perish!

6) Dakshina Murthy, the Major, is all alone,
His only connections, a car and a phone,
U.G. has bleached him to the very bone,
His farmhouse is U.G.'s favoured zone!

7) The background glows, when Major Sistla raises his tone,
He neither imitates nor does he drone,
Meditation, he has clearly outgrown,
He lives by U.G.'s precepts, in his worldly sojourn!