Great U.G.,
Your presence in our lives is like having a 1000 candle light 
on a pitch-dark Amavasya night!
 I bow to you in teary gratitude!

40. Gratitude

1) U.G. drops a bomb-shell "Expect ingratitude,"
That one utterance changed my entire attitude,
It made me realize his unbounded latitude,
To understand and practice him, I need solitude.

2) U.G.'s words are of unimaginable magnitude,
Never expect the world to shower platitude,
What he says is at an unsurpassed altitude,
It is my minimum duty to show him my gratitude!

3) Man by nature is selfish to the core,
He continually craves for more and more,
U.G. is the one to show desires the door,
And help you get up from this dirty floor!

4) We sleep in myth and go on to snore,
The virtual reality we obviously ignore,
U.G. is the one to separate the gold from the ore,
It's due to his grace I can face what is in store!

5) Never stays as a guest for more than three nights,
Never ever gets down from his lofty heights,
Eats enough to exist, but never advocates diets,
He seems to be happy flitting between flights!

6) He emphasizes everything is one,
He likes the country of Coke and the gun,
What he says ultimately gets done,
It is all a play for him in this earthly pen!

7) Solution to problems is not suicides,
By Nature's laws he lovingly abides,
In no dispute does he take sides,
Like a golden chariot through life he mercurially glides!