Venerable Sir,
I am highly grateful to you for inspiring me to pen a few verses
while I was returning from Goa after attending the South Indian Diabetes Update meeting .
I humbly offer these five flowers at thy mighty feet. Kindly accept!
Here I go ...

1. Heaven Sent

All furies vented,
And all passions spent,
Many an emotion blunted,
Because of U.G.'s current.

In his absence is presence,
His memories ever alive,
What he says is the very essence,
As he makes my life to thrive!

Worldly wishes came and went,
Heart's desires getting quenched,
The great U.G. is heaven-sent,
In his presence I remain drenched.

May I be so bold to say,
Oh U.G., do not tarry,
Send me a shiny golden ray,
To lighten the burden I carry!

Do put the pen to paper,
As I wait counting every breath,
Deliver me before "I" taper,
'Cos not to hear from you is definite death!

Eagerly expectant,