Live Sir,
You are ever alive to me in every sense of the word.
Your presence has made many lives complete!
We adore you for all that and more. This is :

31. Life With U.G.

1) Our life is a lyric scripted by whom?
Events like threads of a weaver's loom,
Is everyone's flight destined to doom,
Or is there any place for hope to bloom?

2) Mere mortals not knowing the next instant,
Or immortals forever happy, remaining constant?
Why are we born is the question nascent,
Why all this struggle, instead of living in this active present?

3) Life's difficulties we struggle to surmount,
Many of us have even lost the count,
When shall we discover that happy fount?
Please spare us that Sermon on the Mount!

4) In our lives where shall we place God?
Is He like you straight as a ramrod?
With Him by our side, through life do we need to plod?
I wish to see you giving your silent nod!

5) Exalted is the place of U.G. in our life,
Rescuing us from many a stumble and strife!
Did he not show us the direction when problems were rife?
He indeed is the surgeon wielding the knife!

6) Why does U.G. enchant me so much?
Take it or leave it, he is my crutch,
Is it his all-knowing smile or touch,
Difficult to describe the feelings as such and such!

7) Is he the ever-green leaf blown hither and thither?
Or is he too slippery a customer in a silent slither,
Either way his long absences make us wither,
Go over U.G., please don't dither.