Daring Sir,

You are my godfather and here is the offer which you cannot refuse!

26. Master Sublime

1) Ready to sit at the front end of airplanes,
"Should be the first one to go" as he gleefully explains,
The current surges forth as you plug into the mains,
Someone is hit and he gets the pains and the arraigns!

2) "Where is U.G.?" is a profound query to ask,
He is no genie to be confined to a flask!
A never-setting sun for us to bask,
We are the wine in his vintage cask!

3) All our wants forever ashed in his roaring flame,
Inattentive in his presence is a crowning shame!
Praise and censure, for him are the seamless same,
How dare we confine U.G. in a rectangular frame?

4) A white sweat-suit is all he wears,
He alternates it until it irreparably tears!
He remains and converses without any airs,
Listens with equal attention, the profound and the blares!

5) The wise-guys and the charlatans, he readily snares,
Fit as a nifty fifty, he climbs up the stairs,
He roams the world with no wares or cares,
Our poisonous "ego" he selectively pares!

6) God-men have to be adept at the tricks of the trade,
Dismisses them as inefficient and not up to the grade!
Relentless in his tirade, he buries them in pits ready-made,
Holy business he tears to shreds with a pinless grenade!

7) Through life's phantasmagoria we slowly wade,
Ruing the very fact as to why we were made,
Wants and worries worse than that count Sade,
In this imperfect existence you are the perfect Jade!