Measureless Sir,
I am experimenting with alternately rhyming verses,
and, totally by your Grace,
a task which is usually considered difficult is turning out to be okay. 
You are the D.C. current, ever-flowing 
and we are the A.C. currents only trying to figure out who U.G. is!
I have named these alternating rhymes:

30. Meaning of U.G.

1) You have given our lives a new meaning,
To stuttering lives in the darkness groping,
In inimitable style you do the weaning,
You made live cakes of us with you being the topping!

2) Whenever I think of you, I see the Third Eye,
The thoughts then stop their crazy dance,
Then I know you are the Ultimate Guy,
Out to pick out my ills with your mighty lance!

3) O U.G.! Life is rattling along at a rapid pace,
I am still stuck, running to stay in the same place,
Shower on me your urgent grace,
Either remove me without a trace or make me win the race!

4) Life looks like an ocean, me a puny boat,
Terrified am I, with all the miseries I brought,
The seas are rough, only you can keep me afloat,
Relieve my misery, with you being my only thought!

5) I know for sure that you have no peer,
You take over our burdens, like a merciful healer,
Your very thought, brings to my eyes tears of cheer,
We are the raw onions waiting for you, the greatest peeler!