Detached Sir,

It was a pleasure to hear your mellifluous voice over the phone. This is:

33. Pure U.G.

1) U.G.'s detachment is in every sense complete,
He swings to the rhythm of the cosmic beat,
In whatever he does, he is perfect and neat,
His name works like a charm whenever I repeat!

2) Earth is too small a place for him to tour,
In his statements he is emphatic and sure,
He seldom offers hope nor does he reassure,
He has conquered fear and lucre's lure!

3) Sitting at his feet, we will one day be pure,
He cleanses us so that we overcome very allure,
With U.G.'s magic any trouble we can endure,
Mental ailments, he says, have no permanent cure!

4) When I asked for salvation he said it's just not fair!
He said, "Ask for anything else" with a statuesque stare, 
I asked for his blessings and he said they are always there,
Every second of my existence, of his presence he made me aware!

5) Without him life remains a nightmare,
In this pitch dark life he is the luminous flare,
I choose to meditate without a moment to spare,
U.G. will decide who is the tortoise and who is the hare!

6) U.G. treats death as a matter of timeless act,
"The instant you are born you are dead" is for him a fact,
The five senses are the ones that attract and detract,
Being beyond all that, he shows unparalleled tact!

7) His utterances leave you with a quixotic peace,
Specially so, as he does nothing to appease,
Medicines and doctors are worse than the disease,
Turbulences and tribulations he surely does fleece!