Deathless Sir,

These are:

56. Queries to U.G.

1) O U.G., what on earth is death?
Is it a funeral or a fête?
Why do we cease to continue the breath?
Do we mingle or leave the earth?

2) Why is there suffering and cancer?
Only you have the correct answer,
As you are that rhythmic cosmic dancer,
Is it fate or a fluke, my dear Sir?

3) What is that sino-atrial node in the heart?
It pulses out current like a perfect art!
How did the diaphragm move from the very start?
We take all these for granted in this worldly mart!

4) Right now I am in a no-man's land,
Sinking ever so slowly in a quagmire of sand,
Help me out by clasping my hand,
Show us a route in this desert is my demand!

5) "Rebirth is only a belief" you say,
For those who believe, a monumental price to pay,
Your quote I remember night and day!
We appear to be mere puppets in this Almighty Play!

6) Dreaming is vital for a normal living,
Giving up is fatal for a worldly being,
You say it is all a two-dimensional seeing,
We are the dolls and you do the keying!

7) Is this world the whole and sole truth?
This, a miserable and doggone booth!
Is it ever present like the Buddha's tooth?
I feel it is high time I say forsooth!

8) Like wild tigers we roam!
Like rabid dogs we foam,
Fight till death in this worldly loam,
When will U.G. take us home?

9) Memory is the storehouse of misery,
Can medicines help at all for recovery?
Bound by chains of thoughts we go on to worry!
O U.G., time is aslipping, don't tarry and please hurry! .