Blasting Sir,

This is:

57. Questioning U.G.

1) Everyone craves to be happy,
Right from the days of the nappy,
People are right now snarling and snappy,
To be happy is an instinct and we are not inert like a computer floppy!

2) The world gives us not even an iota of peace,
On the contrary, it does endlessly tease,
Difficulties and differences are endemic like disease,
Then why do you say effort is useless, just say cheese?

3) Satisfying worldly desires in the end gives us a wheeze,
To crave for happiness is primordial, don't say no, please,
To get contentment, meditation on the self is the compulsory fees!
You did everything and say it's only a hive of angry bees!

4) Any effort towards "That" you publicly decry,
You say meditation is useless and dangerous, don't even try!
Do you intend that like corpses we should live and die?
There is only one truth and the other one is a perfect lie!

5) Is earthly life the "Be all" and "End all?"
Was U.G. so naive as to go through it all?
Why is there only one U.G. standing apart and spiritually tall?
This time I am determined to smash the dichotomous wall!

6) You said that "Sreedhav" is doomed to meditate,
I still feel very happy that you decided my fate!
You have given me something to do, before I pass this earthly gate,
The worldly desires are endless and tiresome at any rate!

7) Who craved for endless happiness to continue?
We are no fools and know it's temporary like a morning dew!
If there is any single example to follow, it is you!
We are not brainless cattle for grass to chew!