Dazzling Sir,
Here you have given me an opportunity to mention a few close associates of U.G., with whom he broke bread. This is:

32. The Associates of U.G.

1) Valentine de Kerven was the star witness of the Calamity,
Took great care of U.G. then with patience and alacrity,
She was taken over by Mr. Alzheimer to a state beyond all clarity!
U.G. led her clasping her hand to infinity and eternity!

2) Mrs. Suguna is Chandrasekhar's better half,
She totally took care of Lady Valentine without a day off,
She is the one person U.G. admires and shares a laugh,
This selfless lady fully deserves to drink the divine quaff!

3) Julie is my uncle's spiritual sister, in New York City,
She is a totally committed and ardent U.G.'s devotee,
Somewhere the wires got crossed and U.G. spurns her, and that's a pity!
But she shows tremendous resilience and waits for his call till eternity!

4) U.G. is the star that influences me the most,
To me he verily is the biblical Holy Ghost,
For the whole universe he is a special toast,
He is the architect of my life is no empty boast!

5) U.G. is perfection amazing and profound,
With a matching compassion unbound,
The Master who makes my world to go round,
He simplifies it all and says "That" is nothing but sound!