Dear Wakeful Sir,

This is a string of poems titled:

36. The Awakened One

1) U.G. is awake while we are sleep,
When shall we make that transitional leap?
When everything goes and we have nothing left to keep,
He will break the sleep and never again shall we weep!

2) Father Time is on his silent creep,
Desires we sow and miseries we reap,
Then we make a futile try to clear the useless heap,
Get up and go before we are buried six feet deep.

3) Why at all are we on this mysterious trip?
Do we have it in us to let the answer rip!
Let us not be slaves in Time's vice-like grip,
When shall we learn the lessons even after tasting the ship?

4) Do we really listen to what U.G. says?
I am afraid not, as it will shatter the rest of our days!
We dread to let go so long as we are in the race,
He is showing the way to walk but we remain stranded in place!

5) Can we ever assess U.G.'s impact?
He splinters us is indeed a fact,
With us he forges no liberating pact,
He is unfathomable, to be exact!

6) What does U.G. say about human thought?
Sound, matter, energy and what not,
He candidly says without it we are as good as nought,
At times I bang my head and bemoan "Is this my lot?"

7) Is knowledge about self a must?
Will it help us to clean and dust?
I am not the one to throw the stone first,
As U.G. may or may not choose to slake our thirst!