O Kind Sir,
This is the third of the alternately rhyming poems,
placed at your feet, for you attention. 
I have a sneaking suspicion that you already know the contents! This is:

29. Dimensions  of U.G.

1) O U.G.! Who are you in the divine scheme of things?
You see, Sir, logic is what keeps us from turning insane,
You are the noblest eagle, soaring with mighty wings!
To perceive you, logic stands in the way as a dismal bane!

2) Never have I dreamt of a person like you,
As you exist in a dimension which no one can perceive!
You are my Lord of the Seven Hills, without a queue,
As to gain your presence is equally difficult to achieve!

3) This poetic inspiration from you gives me a high!
Helps me overcome any false sense of pride,
Since I feel so buoyant, I am ready to fly,
All I crave is to follow your majestic stride!

4) At times I verily wonder who is the author?
As there is no distinction between the writer and the reader,
Since you are there I really should not bother,
Because I am only following you, the merciful leader!

5) The thirst to be with you is unquenching,
That is natural as you are a cool and sweet spring,
The times away from you are gut-wrenching,
The times with you are perfumes long-lingering!

6) To your urgent attention problems we bring,
You patiently listen, with total attention,
Somehow you take away the painful sting,
You are too great to mention your intervention!

7) Your compassion towards us is beyond words,
Even a lyrical mention of it appears so crude,
With your grace alone, we are no longer caged birds,
You have made me so busy I don't have the time to brood!