Wisdom-Incarnate Sir,
Today, the 27th of October, 2000 I sit before the computer with you in my heart. The following verses are named:

44. The Disguises

1) The Master adorns many a disguise,
He is greater than the sun, very few have seen arise,
The orbs of the universe are in his lotus eyes,
The wise sit down for a dialogue and are cut down to size!

2) When you are lucky to be with U.G., you feel the effect,
He is a skillful surgeon expertly correcting your every defect,
He does not allow anyone to even genuflect,
He is the mirror in which the "real" you will reflect!

3) He makes fun of vitamins and pills,
As he is placed in a state beyond all ills,
I plead with him to correct my desires and wills,
He looks on pityingly like the Lord of the Seven Hills!

4) To me he is that actively moving Lord,
The only one with absolute poise, tackling both the easy and the hard,
From a simpleton like me he has turned out a poet and a bard,
I urge him to rid me of my ego with a single stroke of his sword!

5) To view him is a cat and mouse game, miss him!
And cruel fate we blame,
His very presence flares my devotion to flame,
A glimpse of him and our life will never be the same!

6) Right now he is by the Havasu Lake.
He is a tender and divine snowflake,
He remains in a state ever awake,
To me he is both the duck and the drake!

7) U.G.'s name I constantly repeat,
He keeps my thoughts orderly and neat,
He is ever in tune with the cosmic beat,
To communicate with us is for him a difficult feat!!