Thrillful Sir,
You have made my day as I have received your air mail today, i.e., 11th of October, 2000:

37. The Ever-Born U.G.

1) Why was U.G. born at all?
Is it to save us all from a free fall?
In his puppet show I am a willing doll,
Only he knows what to do with this mud ball!

2) Does U.G. ever will?
The very question gives me a thrill,
The answer he shall never spill,
An enigma that never fitted the bill!

3) He will roast you on the grill,
Until you are shorn of all the frill,
With one look he can snap you still,
Impurities in me he should sever and kill.

4) Is his biological change a slice of luck?
Then fate is the sniper and I am sitting duck!
With that theory I shall have no kind of truck,
Then U.G. will get up and say you are forever stuck!

5) If misery is of our own making,
And pains leave our bodies aching,
I plead with the Master, You do the waking,
And save us from the recurrent baking!

6) Anxieties and worries seem to be our lot,
To overcome, many a battle we have fought,
You opened our eyes saying it's all nothing but thought!
Ain't you the best gift we all ever got?

7) In well-trod paths we tread,
Towards self-cleansing baths we head,
By self-seeking ones we are aimlessly led,
Like goats in a herd till we drop dead!