Magnetic Sir,
One of my fondest memories is my first meeting with you in Madras (in 1992?). 
Here are a few of my remembrances:

13. The First Taste

1) I was jogging on the road,
Passing by U.G.'s temporary abode,
My Uncle, the Major, saw me and called out aloud,
"Meet the Master now and make me proud!"

2) I went in and saw a dazzler robed in shimmering white,
He queried "What make are those shoes, and is the fit right?"
Taken aback, I said, "Nike" and they don't bite.
He said "You must have a spare, please be quiet!"

3) He showed two swellings on both sides of his neck,
Said they were thymus protrudings, you can check,
Glands are the masters after the Calamity's havoc,
Other organs, mere slaves, and thoughts forever left the deck!

4) He made me give up meat,
Humans not fit to eat,
Give up drinks, it is a sin,
I gave in, threw the habits into the waste-bin.!

5) Why do you tell people not to meditate?
Flash came the answer, those who do it do not stop at any rate,
He became like a torrent in full spate,
And said, "Though I am not a fatalist, you are all in the grip of Fate!"

6) Sitting and eating is a sensual pleasure,
Eat for taste and repay at leisure,
To feed this body, give it only a measure,
Eating more than you need is the cause of disease and pressure!

7) To him bliss comes and goes,
When it descends no one really knows,
The face of one with true hunger clearly shows,
The urge to meditate cannot be phrased in prose!