Refreshing Sir,
Now I am sure that you are the Golden Pen and I the Paper. You please do the writing and I'll do the jotting! These are:

24. The Imprints of U.G.

1) At times, U.G. whirls up a fierce heat and dust,
We unwittingly get strewn as leaves in the rampaging gust,
Shakes off from us sibilant desires and lust,
To enter his presence, an unuttered permission is a must!

2) We are like implements prone to rust,
We have to believe and place in him our trust,
Then he rises and violently scrubs off the earthy crust,
And gives our lives a direction and an almighty thrust!

3) For him no task is too light or small,
He leaves us all in a spell-bound thrall,
He is ever-ready to give up his all,
That's why he is a giant among the tall!

4) The imprint he leaves on you,
Depends on what you feel is your due,
Visitors are many, true seekers few,
He hides the reality, giving worldly trinkets in lieu!

5) As your yearning for him deepens by the hour,
Your hidden traits and talents begin to flower,
As you start living by his precepts forever and ever,
From yourself you will have to run for cover!

6) In our arid life, he is a refreshing shower,
A pillar of truth and a spiritual tower,
He pulls you up if you start acting clever,
You will enjoy the ride arranged by the unassuming power!

7) He says, "Make your life rosy, go have a ball,"
It is we who splutter and repeatedly stall,
Going on a shopping spree in the holy spiritual mall,
Finally ending the search with U.G., after many a fall! 

Sreedhav in a free fall.