Authentic Sir,
You are the most influential person in my life. What you say goes! You are my final court of appeal in all matters. This is:

46. The Pied-Piper

1) U.G. makes men out of us,
All this he does displaying no fuss,
He takes it upon himself the onus,
To change our polarity from a minus to a plus!

2) He gently removes every single support,
All evils from us he does silently deport,
He violently crumbles the walls of our religious fort,
Will my life-ship ever know if there is a final port?

3) To me he is the very "Lord Shiva" incarnate,
He is the Supreme, dictating my fate,
Hence, July nine is a very precious date,
That was the day he entered through this worldly gate.

4) All the while I was told the body is a disease,
Till he came along and said it's an instrument of release,
The glands have to take over and give you that peace,
Is there anything to be done to get that state of ease?

5) After Calamity he never again felt any melancholy,
That shaft of energy changed him wholly,
He jets around the world singly and solely,
I speak the truth when I say he is the King of the Holy.

6) U.G. knows that perfumes I gladly smell,
On olfaction he did at length dwell,
I urged him to deal that desire a death knell,
He said, "Not possible, as you and they jolly well jell!"

7) U.G.'s life makes an enthralling story,
A unique chapter in this world's history,
Can poems do justice to that infinite glory?
He resides in a state totally pure and hoary!