O much awaited Sir,
I am sure that by now seven sets of quatrains are in your presence. 
I am immensely enjoying the trip you are putting me through--"The Spirit Rain."

10. The Spirit Rain

1) You are now in the land of Al Gore
Go back to India, the land of your folk lore,
All want their fill of you and some more,
Without you here, every pleasure is a chore!

2) You have made my glands to swell,
Making a medium sans pareil,
All should know U.G. and someone to tell,
About the sage you are, come Heaven or Hell!

3) U.G.'s body went through many a change,
The five senses separated, making him strange,
The Calamity leaving no place for the "I" to arrange,
The final proof that you are out of our range?

4) Only two dimensions exist, the third one only in thought,
You turned things around, what a Calamity you have wrought,
In the process, Einstein became a scientific nought,
You are an oasis in the land of scientific and spiritual drought!

5) I come to you with a prayer in my heart,
I, a storm-tossed ship, the course only for you to chart,
Cleanse me thoroughly, right from the start,
Separate me forever from this insipid worldly mart.