Handsome Sir,
This is the fourth of the "Level Difficult" quatrains you prompted me to write!

28. The Sportive U.G.

1) U.G. is beautiful when he sports a smile,
A frequent occurrence except during sleep,
To be with him it's worth traveling many a mile!
He may be smiling while asleep, because no one knows him deep!

2) He pokes fun at my Uncle whenever he cooks,
If the cuisine is right, he says it's all a fluke,
He claims he is a Major Disaster even with the best cookery books,
My Uncle laughs it all off saying he is no Saint Luke!

3) U.G. stopped eating using the fingers,
He is happy with a fork and a spoon,
All said and done, the Indian in him lingers,
He speaks Telugu, which is a blue moon boon!

4) He knows all about me, inside and out,
I rarely make an effort to hide facts from him,
He slays me whenever Nature's laws I flout,
He is the very ocean in which I splashingly swim!

5) All extravagances he resoundingly pares,
On show-offs and "smarties" cold water he pours,
Simplicity he prefers and no flashy ones he spares,
To such people he firmly closes all doors!

6) At little expense tasteful rooms he creates,
So simple is he but with unparalleled tastes,
Every pore of this body he surely permeates,
While partaking food not a morsel he wastes!

7) The state of his no one really knows,
He descends to our level and that's real nice,
Through him Life Energy in torrents flows,
The body he wears is a mere disguise!