Elusive Sir,
Waiting for your arrival has been a deliciously painful experience for me. I feel the same is the case for others all round the world. Dad says the mission of my life is to tell the coming generations about an unbelievable Master called U.G., in a poetic genre. If that is so, then the mission is under way, and after its completion, I leave myself in your hands. These verses are named:

14. The Vigil for U.G.

1) All around the world people with patience,
Eagerly wait for U.G. with myriad emotions,
"There he comes," spreads like waves in the oceans,
As he alone can attend to the needs of different nations!

2) We clamor like kids to crave his attention,
In his presence we easily give up all pretension,
We love to be caught in his hypnotic detention,
We are the strings and he sets the tension!

3) He is our subject of constant mention,
Yet he remains an object beyond our dimension,
To stay in his vision is our inner intention,
He has come to stay as our life's spiritual junction!

4) He extends no invitation to stay in his place,
Oh! His very presence offers immense solace,
He listens to our woes with an empathic face,
The answers appear without delay in myriad ways!

5) We all wish to claim him as our own,
How can we possess the Originless Unknown,
By the time the rhymes get over, he has already flown,
No jet lag affects him as he's in a timeless zone!

6) He is a creature sensitive to seasons,
But an entity defying all reasons,
He claims to offer nothing, hence no treasons,
A darling of the fortunate new denizens!

7) What he states stands by no support,
A dialogue with him can be a dangerous sport,
Diverse beings adorn his colorful court,
An air-borne ship calling at every port!

8) He beckons us to give up all wants,
As "That" is beyond all forms and fonts,
The picture he paints is replete with daunts,
His words, presence, and memories are our necessary haunts!