Real Sir,
Your inspiration and my perspiration have resulted in:

18. The Ways of U.G.

1) The world in sets of opposites is our perception,
Is the Master of the universe an exception?
There are two sides to U.G. is my conception,
That has been his way since inception!

2) He says, "Who can be more egoistic than me?"
But his actions are the opposite for all to see,
He shuns publicity and likes to roam free,
He is humility personified that there can ever be!

3) He booms, "Who asked you to come here?"
The next instant he allows us to sit near,
Never makes fun of anyone and allows no one to jeer,
He is unique in his ways and has no peer!

4) His speech is spiced with many a slanging word,
Wisdom he speaks in speech couched in a shroud,
People diverse speak to him in voices loud and proud,
A moralist to the core, avoiding a big crowd!

5) Affirms that the five-letter word "Money" is precious,
Moneyed people's ego he quietly hushes,
Maintains a fair distance from dukes and duchesses,
People craving only for cash routinely flushes!

6) Liars and do-gooders he equally likes,
But hypocrites he mercilessly strikes,
The fond hopes of the lazy he surely spikes,
He is the speaker and we are the mikes!

7) He says, "My utterances are writings on water,"
Polish your inside into a blemishless platter,
An antenna to absorb the invaluable pitter-patter,
And your fondly held beliefs he batters and shatters!