Redoubtable Sir,
This may perhaps be the beginning of the end of the flow of verses, unless you intercede! These are:

16. U.G.'s Calamity

1) Calamity per se is disaster,
But it evolved U.G. into a Master,
He is no model molded in alabaster,
An apparent spiritual cynic and a master blaster!

2) Calamity occurred despite (?) spiritual practice,
The "I" vanished disrupting the matrix,
The senses behaving independently with no connecting lattice,
A genuine article preferring no notice!

3) He in public says meditation makes you mad,
You may flip or fly, a flight he obviously had,
Denounces holy men as sham, thoroughly bad,
"Drop all wants," "Live as you are," is all he will add!

4) Our lives are built around cause and effect,
Half-hearted attempts for "That" have to be reset,
All-out efforts should storm and buffet
The walls of "wants" and make one perfect!

5) The Master says Calamity is an accident,
It can happen perchance to an old man or an infant,
If a welcome accident throws one into the natural current,
It's the creation at fault and that I resent!

6) Daily life shows "Every action has a reaction,"
Is spiritual practice the rare exception?
Is a moral and spiritual life a useless contraption?
Only U.G. has the answer is my contention!

7) U.G. is cemented in the "Natural State,"
He is ensconced in a state beyond love and hate,
A river of compassion, always in spate,
Pleasure movements I get as I narrate!