Revered U.G.,
Your feet have been a source of constant fascination to me, 
and I thank you for propelling me to pen the second of the five!

2. U.G.'s Feet

1) "My feet are not neat,
Don't touch them," says he.
But have they not done many a mighty feat?
Touching them can set you free!

2) He walks as if on air,
His movements of quick silver grace,
And a speed with unparalleled flair,
Around the globe as if he is in a race!

3) To touch his great toes is quite a task,
Nobody even dares without his will,
He covers their power as if with a mask,
Feel them and experience the thrill.

4) In his big toes mighty energies flow,
That's why he keeps them in a lock.
Mein Gott, how they glitter and glow!
Let me touch them for a liberating shock!

5) He walks with feet unshod.
How lucky is Mother Earth!
Even to bow, you need his nod,
To enjoy his ever-radiant mirth.

Lyrically ever yours, U.G.!