Gem of a Sir,

I am in transports of joy on receiving your much awaited letter. Hence this is:

49. U.G.'s Letter

1) What a rare pleasure to receive your letter,
A milestone in my life that will unshackle every fetter,
U.G.'s best wishes is all for the better,
Mentally his name I always shall utter!

2) "Misery" is on the reverse of the postcard,
I have enough on my plate, O U.G., don't make it more hard!
Being a doctor, I hope not to end up in a hospital ward,
I wish to sing your praises like a carefree bard!

3) The letter from U.G. is a priceless treasure!
Its worth is beyond all measure,
Having got it, life is more of a leisure and less of a pressure!
I am jumping with joy like a medico fresher!

4) These days he usually rests his pen,
How lucky I am you all can imagine then,
He scripts beautifully as only he can,
He has written to me of all the men!

5) The feeling is impossible to describe,
Shall I publish it? Like a naive scribe,
His focus on me is enough of a vibe,
All my poetic talent to him I ascribe!

6) His letter is to the point and brief,
But its meaning is beyond all belief,
It has unburdened me, what a relief!
It is a panacea for all of life's grief!

7) U.G.'s mercy no money can buy,
A real goner is a very lucky guy,
U.G.'s the oarsman ever ready to ply,
I am in the boat with a smile and a sigh!