Divine Sir,

Today is a special day in my life as it happens to be Krishna-Ashtami, 
my birthday and the day you have directed me to pen five verses on your estimable self!

3. U.G.'s Spell

1) His life is an open book,
Ready for anyone to scan and look,
Practices what he preaches,
And kicks out anyone who only teaches.

2) His looks and locks are regal,
In food and clothes real frugal,
Never at a loss for wordless deeds,
Ever alert to respond to one's inner needs!

3) Wherever placed, a picture of perfect ease,
His presence like a fragrant spring's breeze,
Emphatic that all is unity and one,
He should know, as he is second to none!

4) Sri U.G. thunders, "Out with your logic,"
But in my dreams he shows his magic,
He makes many feel that there is little to him,
Don't I know that the cosmos is at his whim!

5) His visitors are strange and clueless,
With them he is fierce and ruthless,
A personality so gentle, what a paradox!
That is U.G., a Pandora's box unorthodox!