These verses are an infinitesimal tribute to your State! Hence this is:

50. U.G.'s State

1) U.G. says, "I have nothing to give to mankind,"
And went on to blast, "Get lost and stay lost as you unwind,"
Only U.G. can espouse as he is no longer in the grind,
How does he operate leaving nothing behind?

2) He is practical and precise to the very core,
When he chooses, anything he can cure,
He sees no distinction between pure gold and raw ore,
He is the one capable of ferrying us to the other shore!

3) At times he chooses to brew up a storm,
Flattens everyone yet remains calm,
Most times he acts like a soothing balm,
He is the one guy who never gets it wrong!

4) His court is studded with all kinds of characters,
To me they appear as haunting specters,
But U.G. treats them like varsity rectors,
He is the whole and we are only sectors!

5) In U.G. there is an impish child,
With Mahesh Bhatt around he comes out wild,
At other times he keeps us beguiled,
He is like the sun and other stars, never ever mild.

6) We go to him like springs tightly coiled,
Tense and worried, in life's waters boiled,
In U.G.'s presence they slide away, foiled,
He puts us back in order, machines well oiled!

7) U.G. moves around with a graceful gesture,
Our fond hopes he roughly does rupture,
When he was young, gave many a lecture,
Now he's hovering near eighty, with a skin newborn in texture!