Universal Sir,

This is simply:

34. U.G.'s Words

1) The human brain is so fast,
Even the best computer has to finish last,
The thought spectrum is versatile and vast,
It encompasses the present, future and the past!

2) U.G.'s eyes are like a camera's shutter,
No image remains inside to freeze or flutter,
"Does he even know you?" you go on to mutter,
A being so pure, free from all the dross and the clutter!

3) He says the brain is not the site of the mind,
Trillions you may spend, yet you will remain blind,
Thoughts are in the ether, if only you can find,
Thus he puts neurologists in a merciless bind!

4) A towering giant among Calamity-struck souls,
In empty spiritual balloons he mirthfully pokes holes,
To seekers like me he offers no doles,
Still we cling, as if he is the skin and we are the moles!

5) Meticulous in money matters,
Says money surely matters,
Moneyed misers he readily slaughters,
To no taste he caters and no one he flatters!

6) On his silken skin there are not mosquito bites,
All animals around him are given their due rights,
They pour out their woes, barging into U.G.'s nights,
He listens but does not interfere in their fights!

7) He is the pen and I the paper,
I am the cloth and he is the draper,
We are the dirt and he is the wiper,
Shoots down our faults like a skillful sniper!