O Merciful One,
I thank you for keeping the pen running and the verses churning. 
I feel inspired and crave your presence in India. 
These verses are:

9. U.G., A View

1) "Shoot all doctors at sight and on sight,"
Thunders U.G., with vehemence and spright,
"They damage mankind every day and night,"
Here's me hoping, for once, the great one isn't right!

2) Being U.G. is difficult, is a less known fact,
Continuously on the move, precise and exact,
An all-round performer, with many roles to act,
Countering many brats and handling them with tact!

3) A voyager beyond compare, with no respite,
The traveler with no jet lag, painting our lives bright,
Shoots from the hip, with an aim dead straight,
A shaft from heaven, more brilliant than light!

4) Ever alert to assuage anyone's plight,
With a philosophy which put many to flight,
Giving the "Goner's Club" a thorough fright,
Words never meant to slight, that is U.G. dazzling like light!

5) He sides with women, stressing they are right,
Pushing the men from their self-proclaimed height,
Claims male dominance is worse than any blight,
He is our friendly shark with no teeth, hence no bite!

6) A divine vacuum-cleaner, with no appetite,
Says, "Fat eats fat, so don't fast or diet,"
People come to him prepared to fight,
Mows them down using thought-shattering might!

7) Oh, U.G., take off to India, I cannot wait,
He is the cosmic whale, never rising to the bait,
A talkative friend of the cobra and the krait,
My ear to the ground, listening for his child-like gait!