Divine Sir,
5th of September, 2000
Today, in the early hours "U.G. The Cosmic Freak" streaked through me. Here are the offerings!

6. U.G., The Cosmic Freak

1) No two visits to him are the same,
Once he may praise your name,
Next, he may put you to shame,
For him it's all in the game!

2) "U.G." are two letters of a name,
With a "nobody" inside that frame,
With equal poise, like a tiger tame,
For him, it's all in the game!

3) To try and fit him in a rhyme,
Is like tasting sweetness in a lime,
To the only one who knows time (right every time),
I bow with thanks to the Master Sublime!

4) Once he appeals like a vintage wine,
The next instant turns to acid brine,
But for me he is the cool moonshine,
An evergreen glade for which I pine!

5) He has nothing to call "mine,"
As beautiful as a tender vine,
Fluid in motion, ever so fine,
The conceptless one no one dare define.

6) The throneless king with nothing left to gain,
He has no place for pleasure or pain,
Neither pretends nor does he feign,
We are the bogeys in his spirit-rich train!

7) Shows no path, lest we may fail,
We are the prisoners without any bail,
Before his visage, the mightiest quail,
A pathless wonder, leaving no trail!