Immeasurable Sir,
I am now sure that you have blessed my life and put some meaning into it. 
For all that more I am ever grateful. This is:

41. U.G., The Greatest

1) You fill us with a calm feeling,
But out of your sauna-baths we come out steaming,
You make us stand erect, with no leaning,
You allowed us in only after a thorough gleaning!

2) The freedom is lost right in the cradle,
Parents feed us desires, ladle after ladle,
Wants become untamed horses with us in the saddle,
Through raging waters of desires we meekly paddle!

3) U.G. does the sculpture nary a sound,
Mercy personified lifting us from the ground,
We come to realize that every moment we are bound,
Life is an eternal go-round demanding its share of the pound!

4) We hear that he is a university dropout,
With his psychology professor he had a bout,
"Where and is there a mind?" was what it was all about,
With that single question he put him to rout!

5) Nature's laws U.G. never flouts,
To mold us he silently uses his clout,
He tirelessly answers everyone's doubt,
Questions won't give you "That," he finally does spout!

6) Why do folks run to see U.G. the guy,
Isn't it his pull that makes us hasten and hie!
Says memory is the problem and that is the "I,"
Oh U.G.! Rid me of the poisonous "I" before I die!

7) If you are lucky to hear his voice,
You will forego all that mu"sic" and noise,
He will speak to you purely out of his choice,
He is the live metal amidst us the dull alloys.