Respected Sir,
You are the magnet and we are the filings. Leave us not! 
In this cosmic dream you are our reference point. 
You have poured your blessings on me in ways only you know. 
Here is the fourth of the five, aptly titled:

4. U.G., The Magnet

Many flock to see the Master,
Few remain to face the cosmic blaster,
Unfettered in his matchless speech,
Unflattering words and out of reach.

Does not falter nor does he care,
Every buddy gets his due share,
He warns about the do-gooder's high,
When he is around, sparks inevitably fly.

Yet we're drawn to the beloved magnet,
Lovingly caught in the cosmic dragnet,
Perpetually drawn to his mighty feet,
There are the few who never retreat.

His words of value we dearly treasure,
From start to finish, he's a pleasure,
The magnet he has is hidden from view,
Those drawn to him feel they are the chosen few!

Lucky to be around where he's present,
Tell us it's all in the living active present,
He is yet so humble and shy,
But sparkles brilliantly in our mind's eye!

"What brings you here will take you elsewhere,"
That is how U.G. bares you threadbare!
There you see the regal magnet repel,
But on me he casts an ever-lasting spell.

In his presence all are constantly tested,
Till all the ills are forever bested!
Pluperfect in speech and action,
He's the poleless magnet exerting silent traction!

A source of deep attraction--Sreedhav